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When a plan fails...

Friday, May 14, 2010

If at first you don't succeed...well, you come up with a new plan. 

Although absence does make the heart grow this case it has made my ass grow wider.  I have really and truly completely slacked like a true professional slacker when it has come to this "diet/workout" plan that I put together for myself.  It is quite embarrassing, actually...

HOWEVER, I won't let that stop me from pursuing the tight body that I so desperately want!!  It just may not happen in the initial timeframe that I set for myself. be it.

Check out the new non-committal attitude on Spencer!! 

Here's the thing...
I don't work out well at home.  It just DOESN'T happen!  Not even with the coolest gadgets, videos or whatever.  There are just too many distractions and I just don't feel like it is a "real" workout (even though Jillian does leave a mark).

In order for me to feel like I am making a difference, I need to go to a gym...get outside of my comfort zone (the living room) and into an environment that screams sweat and tears!  I think it is a motivator to see others busting their butts to get fit.  And, yes, even the gym whores make me more motivated...I want to have a body to where I can wear a sports bra and hot pants and walk confidently among the masses.  Let me just say that I am a complete realist and know that this won't EVER happen without major reconstructive and plastic surgery...or just a complete rebirth.  BUT it does make me strive for the best body I can muster.

My diet has been truly suffering lately (but, boy, has it been yummy).  The mind game for me is this...I know diet isn't the end all be is really nothing at all.  It must be combined with cardio and weights to really make any bit of difference.  Or at least the difference I'm looking for.  So, until my ass is jigglin' like jello on the gym treadmill, my mind tells my mouth, eh, go ahead and have those nachos off the menu or that tall, frosty beer on the patio or that calming rum and diet at the end of a hectic day.  Why not??

Sidenote, out of convenience sake only, I have been pretty consistent with those Smart Ones meals for breakfast, lunch and - since T has been out of town all week - dinner.  The sodium in those diet meals is enough to kill a small herd but it makes me feel a little better that I am eating those versus McDonalds fries and a chocolate shake.  But it truly is for convenience.  Taking care of H barely leaves time to pee not to mention cook something other than with the microwave!

My new game plan?

Bitch & moan about my ever expanding ass & slowly developing front butt until H reaches her 6 month birthday.  When that happens, I will tote her, a blanket and some toys to the gym with me.  I will sit her in the sitting services room which is right there so I can check on her if needed and be the ever devoted slave that I am to her every baby need!  Then I can work out as long as I want (or as long as boss lady will let me) and really feel accomplished.  That will help motivate me to order the salad instead of the nachos and only have my vices (beer, rum, etc) on weekends only...and only if I earned it.

The crazy thing is...the size larger pants I bought are a bit too big now but my pre-pregnancy jeans create such a muffin top, French bakeries would be jealous.  I guess my body shape is still adjusting...not sure if it is an adjustment I really like.  But I am looking fiorward to getting back to the gym, sweating, moaning, groaning, panting...

I will post from time to time in case my pants get looser or I just want to share how horribly bad I've been!  That way you can see the total debacle before the "new" me.  Maybe my poor choices and fat pouty lip will motivate others to keep going!! 

Ok, now to find me a Smart One for breakfast!