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Good news & bad news!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad news first...I cheated.  Please don't hold it against me but I did.  I had a rum and diet this evening to take the edge off of a very crazy, strange and dramatic day.  It helped and I am now back on track.

The other bad news is that I gained 2 of the 3 lbs I lost back over the weekend!  Eh, I'm not surprised.  That's what happens when you cheat.  And here I am doing bad again tonight.  That's ok.  Working out is what really affects my body and weight the most.  Way more than my diet.  So I will continue to bust my arse!

Which leads me to the good news.  Even after a very long, very restless night, I STILL made it to the gym with my little nugget in tow.  I did a 20 minute run at 4.5 on the treadmill, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back and a boat load of abs!  I did a total of 150 crunches in different varities, obliques and 50 reverse curls on the hang-y thing in the weight room.  I am happy with my performance today.

So, as I go forward to reach my goal, I need to be sure that I have a reality check.  There will be days that I will cheat and that's ok.  As long as I keep moving and doing my best to reach my goal, I'm still me and I still have weaknesses that I know I will play into.  I just have to love who I am and do the best I can do.  I WILL reach my goal...just maybe not as fast as I had hoped.

How are you doing on your weight loss journey?

Lover during the week, cheater on the weekend...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My philosophy is not the same as WW, NutraSystem or any other trendy weight loss program.  My philosophy is work HARD during the week and deny yourself your most treasured guilty pleasures and then make up for those sacrifices on the weekend.  And yes I did! 

I tried to eat somewhat right when possible but I did partake in the occasional beverage of the adult variety.  Let's see...Friday I had a light dinner (I believe I had a SmartOne frozen dinner) and a new rum with diet coke.  I have decided to shelf my favorite rum, Myers, for a lighter rum (which equals a less calorie rum) with diet coke.  T had brought me back several bottles of Don Q from Puerto Rico (I think it is sold here as well) and so I tried some of that with my DC.  It is mellow, light and quite yummy, actually.  All rums will be shelved during the tonight?  Yep.  I am having a couple.  It helps me sleep and, with T out of town, I need it.

Saturday I didn't eat much during the day.  T, Tay, H and I went to our friends' house for BBQ and pool time.  They made some AMAZING chicken on the grill with baked potatoes, tomato/mozz/basil (to die for - and I usually don't say cheesy things like that) and a southwest (lowfat) coleslaw that I made from a new recipe.  OMG it was all so yummy...and, guessed it...I washed it down with some brews!  Nope, not the lite crap that isn't really beer.  A good ol' Dos Equis Amber!  Or 5.

Today has been my cheese fest.  I say that but I don't feel like I have had THAT much cheese.  I did have a couple of cheese and cheddars.  I did make ramen noodles with plain tomato sauce...very low in fat...and had it for lunch and dinner.  I missed breakfast today.   No water at all...just iced tea and then rolled into my rum (light rum) and diet coke.

Tomorrow?  Cold turkey again!  Back to my strict eating, non-drinking and extreme workouts!  CANNOT wait!  I will be laying my clothes out tonight so that I am ready when the nugget wakes up.  I am finding myself looking forward to my ALONE time to hurt myself!  HA!

Those who are checking this out...let's do our daily discussions again.  I enjoy our time together!  ;)  Check it out on FB now!  And please leave me some love!  All encouragement is so helpful!!

Friday wrap up!

Friday, July 16, 2010

What an awesome (and exhausting) week! 

I worked out EVERY day this week for AT LEAST an hour.  Thanks to my little nugget for being a good sport in child care. 

The latest...

I lost 3.5 lbs this week alone.  I believe most of it comes from cutting out T and I's yummy adult cocktails in the evening while we catch up (after H goes to bed).  I think that was a huge factor combined with the intense workouts.

My established weekly schedule at the gym:
Monday - 20 min of cardio, arms, chest, back, shoulders & abs
Tuesday - 50 min kickboxing class (kick ass!)
Wednesday - 20 min of cardio, arms, chest, back, shoulders & abs
Thursday - 50 min kickboxing class
Friday - 20 min (1.5 miles) run, arms, chest, back, shoulders & abs
Sat & Sun - rest

I still feel like I have "butts" all over me.  My back looks like an ass when I am wearing my tankini.  I feel like I have to tuck in my front butt when I zip up my shorts.  But I do feel like my clothes are feeling looser over the last couple of days.  Yay! 

My goal is to lose 20 lbs to start with - I call this GOAL #1.  Then I am hoping to lose another 10 - GOAL #2.  I am not necessarily putting a date on either goal but would love it if I could be to goal #2 by the time my 20 year reunion rolls around.

Be sure to check in on my Facebook group!  I will try to start a new discussion every day (if possible).  And don't miss FRIDAY CHECK-INS!

Sore tomorrow? What about today?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I must say, I am the world's worst critic when it comes to work out classes.  After having Lorraine teach and train me for two or three years at a high level of pain, not many instructors or trainers can come close to satisfying my intensity.

But today was pretty good!

I took the kickboxing class at the Y and had to experience the "rookie" feeling again.  What do we need for class?  Which way do we face in the room?  Etc.  But I made a friend while dropping off H in the kid area.  This girl has a baby 4 months old and I think a son close to Tay's age.  So we started talking before class started.  She told me I would feel it...that I would be sore tomorrow.  She said it was a great class and that the instructor was high energy and a bit crazy.

She was right.

We were told to get hand weights.  I got 3 lb'ers not real sure what we would use them for...punching maybe?  Ms Instructor advised us after most of us got our weights that we should really go with the 1-2 lbs.  Trust me, she said.  Well, I already had my 3's and, when I went back to look, the 1's and 2's were gone.

I wish she would have said something before that.

We did ARM CIRCLES and LOTS OF THEM with those hand weights.  Yowza!  We did kicks and lunges across the room (which was a flashback of what Lorraine used to torture us with) and we did pushups for a minute.  Doesn't sound like a long time, right?  I challenge you to try it - no stopping.

After 50 minutes - that seemed like 4 hours - we were done!  My face was red and my muscles were trimbling.  Now THAT'S what I am talking about!  That is a workout!  I know that people say that parking further from the Walmart entrance is great exercise...BS!  Working up a hard sweat, working your muscles to the point of exhaustion and having such a red face some would think you took a trip to the sun...THAT'S a workout!

Today's Grub:
Breakfast: SlimFast shake
Lunch: Used the last of the leftover turkey taco meat to make a taco salad with salsa (instead of dressing)
Dinner: Pei Wei Spicy Chicken Salad (don't be fooled.  This "salad" isn't necessarily a GOOD salad.  It has breaded chicken on it)

Evening two of not sharing a cocktail with the hubster.  This weekend, though.  This weekend.

Today's Pain:
50 min of high intensity kickboxing which incorporated arm, shoulder and back toning

Tomorrow I will be back in the cardio and weight room.  I may focus on my legs and abs tomorrow after cardio and give my arms a break!

What are your plans?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Annnndddd, here we go again...

Day 1!! 

I left LA Fitness and joined the local Y closest to our house - which happens to be the newest one.  And it is amazing!  The cardio area is just chalked FULL of equipment and the weight room isn't intimidating at all!  I am the youngest one there for the most part and feel VERY comfortable working out!  The two pools are awesome too!  GREAT for the kids!  An awesome water slide, water fountains and "family night" on Fridays just lends itself incredibly well to our growing family.

I am DETERMINED to get to a good place weight and fitness-wise.  I am very motivated with all of the pools in my life right now.  So this is Day 1 and I am looking forward to saying Day 100!

What I ingested today...
* SlimFast shake for breakfast
* Salad with left over lean turkey taco meat, salsa for the dressing (0 fat)
* SmartOne meal for dinner
*  A couple of waters (not enough) and a Circle K tea during my afternoon meetings

My butt kickin'...
* 20 min of cardio on the elliptical
* 20 min of weights (biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and one back exercise machine)
* 15 min of abs (crunches on the ball and on the floor, obliques standing and on ball)

I'm ready to do check-ins again!  Who's with me??  Let's do it together over a cocktail (I am cutting out my nightly adult bev with my hubby and only having those treats on the weekend)!!

How are YOU doing?

A big fat post!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I love the McDonald's commercials (one is on now) is full of skinny people eating Big Macs.  Umm.  Yeah.  That's bogus advertising...right?

Got Butt? Pictures, Images and Photos

How are things on my end? is my END doing?  Well, as is life, things have come up that has cut my work out week from four days to three but I do walk EVERY morning for 45 minutes to an hour with H in her stroller.  My workouts have been amazing even though my nerves are still trying to settle with H in Kids Club (where she does GREAT). 

I couldn't/didn't go today because I got my hair (and brows) done.  OMG it is amazing how wonderful and human you feel after a good color, cut and brow wax.  I feel I have gone from Neanderthal to 2010 woman in all of 2.5 hours. 

My lunch wasn't too bad.  Soup and sandwich.  No...not low fat on either but low quantity.

My recent shorts and jeans purchase is leaving a little gap on the waist band!  Love it!  They were a "perfect" fit (the kind where the band starts to leave a mark after a good lunch) and now they are loose!  But wearable!  Stoked for the loose though!

T says that it looks like I am losing inches and that my butt looks tight.  Sure he has an alterior motive but I will take it! 

Tomorrow, another fine morning walk with my nugget and then heading to the gym!  Looking forward to sweat and tears!  I plan on doing 20 minutes of cardio, strength training with my arms and a front-butt load of abs!

Baby fat BE GONE!  Excuses BE GONE!  Fat ass BE GONE! 

Sorry I missed Friday are you doing???

Day 2 = YAY!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We did it again, H and I.  We went for our 30 minute walk about 30 minutes earlier than yesterday which made the air even cooler.  It was such a nice walk even with my body trying to fight off some sort of nasty that my sweet hubby has had.

When we came back from our walk, I didn't even bother with her cereal and went right to bottle.  She took good care of that & then we headed to the gym.  The lady that I kinda raised an eyebrow with the day before was the peach that was going to be taking my gem!  Worried?  A bit.  But I am bound and determined to keep this up until it is purely old hat and no biggie.

Off to the elliptical I headed.  This time with a magazine under arm!  Still no iPod.  I still feel the need to keep my ears clear in case of the dreaded announcement (attention LA Fitness members...would D please report to the Kids' Club?  Your baby is acting the fool.).

I did a good, hard, weight loss program on the elliptical for a sweaty 30 minutes and then followed it with 15 minutes of abs.  As I was laying on the mat about to go into my first crunch, I wondered to myself - could I  possibly just take a quick nap right here?  Can we just say I am doing meditation in a yoga sort of way?  I was thinking it would be a perfect time for a cat nap.  H isn't far and is only in ear shot away from me.  The mat was thin but soft enough to suffice.  But on to the first crunch I went.  Must.Keep.Going.

After my great abs session (which was pretty painful considering I was so sore from the previous day), I headed to the ladies room for my other favorite gym moment...peeing in peace. 

I did weigh myself while I was in the locker room.  I have decided to keep my exact numbers out of the public eye but I will say that I am about the same if not a few pounds lighter than the last time I weighed myself.  But I know it is about clothes and how they fit.  Since nothing really does right least not correctly...I am figuring I still have a ways to go to reach my goal. 

But DAY 2 is a step in the right direction!!

I am heading on to dream land for now to try and kick this nasty that has picked up residence in my nose & throat.  I need to be in full D MONEY mode tomorrow in order to start & do this routine all over again!

One more day until check in! will you have done by then?

I'm back...and I'm READY!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a morning!  H and  I really worked as a team & had a true kick-butt, wonderlicious morning!

It started with a 30 minute walk "stroller-style" around the neighborhood.  We had been going around 9 am which was already feeling like a sweltering volcano.  But today we went at 7 am and it was beyond perfect!

After a bottle & a poor attempt at feeding her cereal, I strapped her in her car seat & off we went to the gym.  I won't tell a lie (this time)...I was pretty nervous about how this whole kids' club & little Ms H was going to work out.

When we arrived, I ponied up the $5 daily charge to try it out before I splurged on the $20/month fee.  I walked her into "the club" and immediately started my nervous chattering.  I have no idea why I do this but, let me tell you, it earns you some pretty strange looks. 

There was another baby in there about H's age or so & then a bunch of older (but young) kids.  My nerves were peaked while I thought about all the germs, potential for tramplings, etc.  As a matter of fact, the germ thought entered mine when I startled awake at 4 am.  I texted my mom with my fear (knowing she was up) & she had very logical advice.  H can't live in a bubble!!  And, with Tay, germs were bound to happen.  It will help build her immune system.

After considerable amounts of nerve-provoked blabbering, I went about my workout.  First on the list, the elliptical for 30 min.  Time usually creeps along when on that beast - especially with no iPod or gossip mag!  But it is even LONGER when you are wondering how the nugget is faring.  Add that crazy head game with constant staff announcements over the intercom (which is how they would page you if something was wrong) and my heart rate was elevated beyond the normal out-of-shape heart rate the elliptical creates!

I had decided while elliptcal'ing that I would limit this first workout to 45 minutes & then work up to an hour as H & I both get used to the new routine.  I did 15 min of abs after my cardio, took a nice relaxing pee and then headed to the club.

As I was walking in, I heard a baby crying.  Only for a split second was I worried until I quickly realized that wasn't H's cry.  Just then, one of the staff members walked around the corner with Ms H in her arms.  H was smiling at all the kids & just didn't seem the least bit phased!  I asked how she did & the lady said she did great!  Didn't cry once.  Yay H!!!

We got in the car & I debated whether or not to feed her since we were so close to nap time.  But I thought better of it & decided to head on home.  Sure enough, H was passed out (after chatterboxing to me for a bit) in her seat well before we hit the freeway.

This morning couldn't have been a better start to our routine!  I am hoping it isn't just a fluke & that tomorrow will go the same way.  Here's the schedule as of now:

Mon - Thur: gym/club days
Fri - Mom's group (planning on joining) unless something else is planned
Sat/Sun - off

Morning routine:
6-6:30 am - H wakes up
6:30 - 7 am - Put her in daytime clothes, feed cats/pup
7 - 7:30 am - 30 min walk around neighborhood
7:30 - 8 am - H's breakfast
8 - 8:30 am - drive to gym
8:30 - 9:15 am - workout
9:15 - 9:45 am - drive home
10 am - nap time

I am so excited!!  It felt great being back at the gym.  My walk around the neighborhood is a light workout (hills & such) but NOTHING compared to what I do at the gym.  So ready to get my body back!!

Front butt, begone!!

It's ON

Monday, June 7, 2010

A'ight b!!tches!!  It is ON!  I am ready to take this front butt back to the dealer.  I am ready to bring sexy back!  Who's with me?? 

H and I checked out the Kid's Club at the gym today and I am now feeling better about leaving her in there while I go kick my front butt to the curb!!  Ok, taking off my hard ass hat...I am a little nervous about leaving H with some girls I don't know.  But I will be RIGHT THERE!  Momma needs some momma time!  Momma needs to get rid of this loose case and get a 12 pack!  I am looking forward to sweating, cussing and making myself hurt so bad I limp out of there. 

Wish me luck!  I will report back on my progress!!

When a plan fails...

Friday, May 14, 2010

If at first you don't succeed...well, you come up with a new plan. 

Although absence does make the heart grow this case it has made my ass grow wider.  I have really and truly completely slacked like a true professional slacker when it has come to this "diet/workout" plan that I put together for myself.  It is quite embarrassing, actually...

HOWEVER, I won't let that stop me from pursuing the tight body that I so desperately want!!  It just may not happen in the initial timeframe that I set for myself. be it.

Check out the new non-committal attitude on Spencer!! 

Here's the thing...
I don't work out well at home.  It just DOESN'T happen!  Not even with the coolest gadgets, videos or whatever.  There are just too many distractions and I just don't feel like it is a "real" workout (even though Jillian does leave a mark).

In order for me to feel like I am making a difference, I need to go to a gym...get outside of my comfort zone (the living room) and into an environment that screams sweat and tears!  I think it is a motivator to see others busting their butts to get fit.  And, yes, even the gym whores make me more motivated...I want to have a body to where I can wear a sports bra and hot pants and walk confidently among the masses.  Let me just say that I am a complete realist and know that this won't EVER happen without major reconstructive and plastic surgery...or just a complete rebirth.  BUT it does make me strive for the best body I can muster.

My diet has been truly suffering lately (but, boy, has it been yummy).  The mind game for me is this...I know diet isn't the end all be is really nothing at all.  It must be combined with cardio and weights to really make any bit of difference.  Or at least the difference I'm looking for.  So, until my ass is jigglin' like jello on the gym treadmill, my mind tells my mouth, eh, go ahead and have those nachos off the menu or that tall, frosty beer on the patio or that calming rum and diet at the end of a hectic day.  Why not??

Sidenote, out of convenience sake only, I have been pretty consistent with those Smart Ones meals for breakfast, lunch and - since T has been out of town all week - dinner.  The sodium in those diet meals is enough to kill a small herd but it makes me feel a little better that I am eating those versus McDonalds fries and a chocolate shake.  But it truly is for convenience.  Taking care of H barely leaves time to pee not to mention cook something other than with the microwave!

My new game plan?

Bitch & moan about my ever expanding ass & slowly developing front butt until H reaches her 6 month birthday.  When that happens, I will tote her, a blanket and some toys to the gym with me.  I will sit her in the sitting services room which is right there so I can check on her if needed and be the ever devoted slave that I am to her every baby need!  Then I can work out as long as I want (or as long as boss lady will let me) and really feel accomplished.  That will help motivate me to order the salad instead of the nachos and only have my vices (beer, rum, etc) on weekends only...and only if I earned it.

The crazy thing is...the size larger pants I bought are a bit too big now but my pre-pregnancy jeans create such a muffin top, French bakeries would be jealous.  I guess my body shape is still adjusting...not sure if it is an adjustment I really like.  But I am looking fiorward to getting back to the gym, sweating, moaning, groaning, panting...

I will post from time to time in case my pants get looser or I just want to share how horribly bad I've been!  That way you can see the total debacle before the "new" me.  Maybe my poor choices and fat pouty lip will motivate others to keep going!! 

Ok, now to find me a Smart One for breakfast!

One small step towards thin, one GIANT leap towards summer...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another wonderful morning spent with my new BFF (that I hate dearly), Jillian.  She never has anything new to say and, actually, gets on my nerves with her repetitive talk.  There should be a way to turn off the narration and just leave the music.  Or make her work out with us - ok, sure, she has a tight bum but nothing makes me angrier than a trainer walking around the work out room telling me what to do and how to do it...who's counting, for god sake?

So, that makes it two days in a row on the exercise.  Am I jumping up and down for joy?  Well, no...first of all my legs are so sore I am lucky to make it up the stairs without stopping to rest.  But I am also not going to get all bent out of shape about it since it is only day two and I bailed out before...I could always bail out again.

The food thing is not going as well.  I haven't been eating much but, what I have eaten, isn't necessarily the lowest in calories.  This week is going to be kinda hard because we have something to do everyday which has us eating at restaurants a lot more.  It is really SUPER hard to eat well at restaurants.  Even meals that are deemed "healthy" by the restaurant are still more calories than I am allocated for a day..or a week!  So I am focusing more on portion control as much as possible.

Sidenote:  I might need to check in with a doctor feet are really starting to hurt on top.  It usually happens at night and first thing in the morning - I get up and feel like my feet are "locked."  They hurt...almost like arthritis.  Sucks getting old.

I bought my first fat suit today...skirt and all!  It is a two piece (hahahaha!  no, not a bikini.  i wouldn't do that to anyone) tankini type thing.  The top has a gather in the center so it a) keeps the top off of my more "drapes" over my gut and b) distracts (I hope) from the gut.  And then there is the skirt bottoms.  Haha!  I used to make fun of those old, cellulite-ridden, saggy boobed women that would wear the skirts (along with their bingo sunvisor) to the pool to do their "laps."  Well, make room ladies.  I am now a part of the club.  My name is Dawna and I am fat.  "Hello Dawna."

Tomorrow will be another work out followed by a Smart One lunch meal.  Tomorrow night we are heading to a mexican restaurant with the fam.  Fat grams galore once again.  Oh well.  Have I told you about my skirt??  "Hello Dawna."

Check in on Friday...

Day 1...again

Monday, April 26, 2010

I am back at it.  Will I fail (again), I don't know.  But I am back...for now at least.  I am not going to totally focus on diet (although I am certainly watching what I eat) but I am going to focus on working out.  And, yes, Jillian and I had a visit together today and it was just as torturous as it was before!  But I am so proud of myself (and not of Jillian, she didn't even do half of the workout!  Had her girls working harder!). 

Breakfast: Nothing...I know, bad...but I had to take care of baby.
Lunch: Chili taco salad from Quiznos - fattening for sure
Dinner: Smart One pizzas (we were going to make burgers - which would have been "bad" but we watched Avatar instead)

Workout: 30 Day Shred

Tomorrow, bathing suit shopping at Target.  Wish me luck...ok, not enough luck in the world to make me blind!!


Remember me?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh hell yeah...I have been a total flake (I hope you didn't buy that evil twin scandal)!  And, other than the occassional Smart One boxed meals (because of convenience only), I have been one bad mo fo...and bad as in bad, not bad as in good!  I have totally flaked and, any small 1/4 of an ounce I may have lost the one pathetic week I tried my "plan" is on my ass times ten.

But leave it to my dear friend that has resurfaced from harsh high school days to bring me back in line!  She has set up a challenge...a way for us to be accountable to each other.  And she is a tough one!  She will make sure I feel like a piece of dog poo if she works out but I don't.  Ok, she really isn't like that but I am hoping she will be for my motivation sake!

So Monday starts the so called fun.  Back to eating healthy and low fat along with some sort of ball busting work out routine that will get these rolls flattened.  Who's with us for a Friday check-in??

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maybe I need to do what Kirstie Alley has done...make money off of my fat!  She tried every plan (I'm guessing) and even became spokesperson for Jenny Craig.  But, once she handed off to Valerie Bertinelli, she stopped by the local bakery and dived into a cake with buttercream icing.  Now she is just giving up and showing the world that she is just fat and that's it in her new show - The Big Life. Maybe she has the right idea.


I have really sucked donkey turds on this "getting back into shape" idea.  Actually, I have done great with the idea I just haven't done great with the execution.  I know I can do it - I have done it before.  But I am not doing it right now and I am completely out of excuses.  Completely.  Now it is just a matter of "being busy" or being lazy about it.  Whatever the case, I am sure I will make the effort when I am good and ready.  Well, I am good and ready.  But, then again, I sit here with a lumpy belly and a jiggly rear. 

Ok, so hang in there with me.  I will share the good, bad and the ugly (which is where I am now).  You may be here with me now in the gutter but we will be on top of the world in...well, whenever we get there, let's schedule a happy hour together!  Virtually, if we have to.

Weekend blues

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I was so excited to get a new hair look that I decided that, even though I haven't really worked out over the weekend (and not really pretty much means NOT AT ALL), I was going to shop for a few pair of jeans that will actually button and zip instead of jeans that have the stomach insert for pregnant women.  Can we say BIG FAT FAIL!!!  I went to Ross and saw nothing but crap jeans (but did find two pairs of shoes I really liked and bought).  I, then, went to Old Navy and tried on jeans a size (ONE size) larger than my pre-pregnancy jeans.  It wasn't all...and I teared up in the dressing room.  It ruined my day (at least the next couple of hours of it) because I am SOOO tired of dealing with this gut/ass situation.  So tired of it.  I just wanted to go home.

After stopping at Target for one last attempt (and finding nothing but ugliness and, by then, I was just done) we headed home.  I felt defeated, fat, frumpy and itchy from the damn maternity jeans I am forced to wear.  And, I know our men just want us to feel all warm and fuzzy inside but DON'T tell me I am NOT fat and that I am so cute and whatnot when I just failed at simply buying a pair of jeans that fit.  When pants don't pull up over your fat ass, that's your sign.

Of course this motivates me for the week to come.  The challenge?  I have meetings all day tomorrow and then leaving town on Thursday to take H home to Louisville with me (being the fat moo cow that I am - UGH).  So I will be only able to work out Tuesday and Wednesday and, one of those days will be the day that H and I find me some damn jeans to wear - at a store that has real sizes that make sense and jeans that don't look like crap.

So how low can I get about this left over baby weight.  I am just SOOO over it.  I feel like I am trying but then, days like today, I feel like I am obviously not doing enough.  Will I EVER be able to do enough??  I'm tired of feeling and looking five months pregnant.  I was pregnant long enough...I want my damn body back.

Weekend mindset

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eh, not much to post other than I am off the fitness wagon until Monday...I mean, Tuesday (Monday I have meetings all day).  Well, that's sure gonna suck!  Especially when I meet up with that crazy such'n such of a trainer Jillian!  Whew.  Not looking forward to that. 

Other than a rum and diet or two last night, I didn't do too bad.  T's Mom and SDad came over for dinner and I made tacos with ground turkey.  I only had two - I was distracted away from dinner to give H her bath and put her down.  But that's good because it helped me steer clear of taco #3.  So, it definitely wasn't a GOOD day but it wasn't a HORRIBLE one either.  I am sure I could have done better but the healthy side of my brain tends to shut down on the weekends.  I guess it stems back to when I had a full time job and felt that the weekends were a reward for a hard week...I continue those thoughts even as a housewife, stay at home, work from home Mom!  We all deserve a fun weekend without ties to a wicked fitness DVD or three meals a day of salad.  No, this isn't the right way to think....but it is MY way!

I am getting my hair and brows done tonight!  OH WOW how bad do I need this???  I really can't wait.  It is going to feel great.  I think I am just going to go in and say "do whatever you think will look good.  I don't care.  Long or short...whatev."  I am feeling daring and brave.  And will grow back.  As long as she doesn't color it pink or shave me bald, I am good to go (just be sure to cover the GRAY).  I will post a pic later...

Short but sweet (sugar free of course)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am pretty tired tonight.  I will post a better update tomorrow.  I did do pretty good today other than the four fried ravioli (they call them "baked" but the grease says otherwise) I had before having a HUGE yummy salad at Oreganos.  But no drinks and no other fattening items.  Actually, we had lunch late so I haven't eaten dinner either.  But I'm not hungry - just tired.  So I am going to get some sleep while the gettin' is good.

Oh, and I did do my SHRED.  Cussed a bit less so I might be feeling a little stronger.  I can tell you now that tomorrow will not include a work out.  I have a lunch meeting that I need to prepare for ahead of time and then Tay, my stepdaughter, will be here.  We are also having T's Mom and SDad coming over for dinner so working out probably won't happen again until Monday, realistically.  And, realistically, I will probably be somewhat BAD over the weekend.  But next week starts anew! 

Sorry for the short entry.  I am out for now but will update you on how bad I am being (or good - pfsh, yeah right) over the weekend...

Thanks to all of you for your support this first week.  It was a shaky first week with a shaky weekend to follow but, at least I worked out EVERY day!!  YAY for me!

Goodnight for now...

Day 3 - Eh...

I didn't do TOO bad yesterday but I certainly wasn't GOOD either.  My meals during the day were very admirable and I did do the 30 Day Dread...I mean Shred...for my exercise.  But I did end the night with two great friends - Amy Lou and Dos Equis Amber.  We had SUCH a great time - lots of laughs - if I have to stay fat another day, it was WELL worth it!

So that's TWO nights in a row that I have let my vice take over my mind.  Tonight I will not be tempted by the cocktail gods.  Today will be a CLEAN UP day!  I am going to be good, work out and drink tea and water all day.  I will do the same tomorrow and maybe allow myself to enjoy a cocktail on Saturday night...or even Sunday when the house becomes quiet again.

I am going to weigh myself tomorrow to see how much or little I have lost (if I even lost at all...what if I gained?  YIKES).  I am also going to suck it up and go out this weekend to look for size ICK jeans to hold me over until I can SHED some of this flab.  I told myself that I would NOT give in and buy Momma britches or get the Momma haircut.  But I think I am going to buy bigger britches for now.  I am just overly tired of wearing maternity pants that sag in the crotch because, even though I have a baby belly bump, it isn't big enough to hold up the pants.  Plus, I am longing to actually button and zip some pants!  I haven't done that in over a year!

About the Momma haircut...I think I am going to stick with long hair.  After talking with some friends and just realizing it on my own...if I cut my hair, I will always feel like I need to fix it.  And that is exactly what I am trying to avoid.  If I have a Momma cut, I can't pull it back in a clip or ponytail - which is the absolute easiest styling ever and one that has been pretty standard here lately. I want bangs or no??  One thing is FOR SURE!  The gray has GOT to be covered.  It is bad enough that I feel like a frumpy 5 month pregnant beast with rolls, I don't want to look like an OLD one!!  Ahh, I cannot WAIT until Saturday!!  Time for a little spa action for Momma!

So here is the summary of yesterday's attempt:

Breakfast - Smart Ones Breakfast Quesadilla (note to others who may want to try these - I think they are really good but don't heat them up for as long as the directions say or you might as well eat a rock with some fake eggs on it.  It calls for it to be heated for 2:15...I would heat it for 1:50.)
Lunch - Salad with spinach, spring mix, golden raisins, feta, tomatoes, slivered almonds
No snacks
Dinner - Baked cumin crusted chicken with an orange-chipotle sauce (homemade), baked rosemary and garlic red potatoes (mixed in EV olive oil - no butter), and lots of hummus with ritz crackers (ugh, ritz are VERY fattening).
Beers - no, I didn't count!! 

30 Day Shred Level 1 (which is still kicking my ass)

How will today pan out??  I will post tonight with an update.

Day 2 = FAIL

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I did everything right all day today...until tonight.  I totally blame T for my failure (even though I know it is all my fault - reminds me of a Jimmy Buffet song). 

My day rocked!  I worked out, ate right and even went to the store to stock up on healthy, low fat options.  But T really wanted to have a couple of adult cocktails together (as we like to do after putting H to bed...or one before we do while I am fixing dinner).  I couldn't hold back.  It was such an awesome just seemed fitting to have a couple of cocktails together!  That is OUR time together.  It was hard to resist...and I failed to resist.

But let me focus on the good!

Meals for today:
Breakfast - Special K Vanilla Almond with 2% milk
Snack - 1 Light Sting Cheese, 10 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, 1/2 cup salsa
Lunch - Smart Ones
Dinner - Cabbage wrap with lean ground turkey
Water - none, but I had a ton of ice tea (bad I know)
Drinks - it is a party foul to count, folks!

30 Day Shred Level 1 - OMG!!!!!!  I am hurting already...but ready for tomorrow!  That Jillian...OMG!!!  For those who are thinking about trying it out - maybe start with 3 lb weights instead of 5 like I did.  But I am not backing down from 5 now...especially after tonight.  I might do the video AND the Wii Fit tomorrow to make up for tonight!

Peer pressure sucks...especially when it is your handsome, loving, best friend of a husband.  Damn him!  But we are having an awesome night is too short.  We should enjoy every moment of every day. And we are!  With many more fun moments to come.  Isn't that what it's all about???  Well, and me fitting back into my 8's!  DAMMIT!

Day 1 = Success

Monday, March 22, 2010

My first picture posting - yikes.  I was planning on really revealing the rolls by wearing just my sports bra and my yoga pants but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  For you, for the camera, for whoever may stumble upon this blog and especially for myself.  It is bad enough to see me in the workout tank and yoga pants.  Bleh!!!!  BLEH!!!!  But I have to realize that at least I am doing something about it.  And, what I'm NOT doing is buying jeans the next size up.  I refuse...ok, I might crack and get two pairs so that I have something to wear until I reach my goal but...THAT'S IT!!  =P


No, folks.  I am not pregnant again.  I may look to be about five or six months here but, trust me, it is all flab and fat.  Oh it is so disgusting.  At this rate, I certainly won't be putting on a bathing suit come summer.  I will add that to my goals.  Be able to wear a bathing suit by summer.  Even if it IS Granny suit with a pretty floral skirt!

My meals today (admitting to everything):
Breakfast:  SlimFast Chocolate shake/Water
Lunch: Spinach salad with 1 TBSP feta, a pinch of slivered almonds, tomatoes and green onions topped with FF Catalina Dressing (2 TBSP approx)
Snacks: 2 Low Fat String Cheese, 16 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, 1/2 cup hot picante salsa/Water
Dinner: Baked Southwestern Chicken (1/2 a breast), 1 cup brown rice with rotelle chopped tomatoes and green chilis, steamed broccoli (with a spritz of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter), ice tea

My exercise today:
Jillian's Wii Fit workout with so many ab exercises I thought I was going to puke!!  60 crunches, 60 obliques (60 on each side), 99 YES 99 bicycle legs, 5 minute run, 60 jumping jacks, 40 side lunges, and I know I am missing something...oh, 20 pushups. 

Add in the housework I did (laundry up and down the steps), and maybe I burned me up some CALS!!

I'm pretty excited because I received my Jillian 30 day Shred in the mail today.  I heard this DVD is ruthless!  Perfect!  I can't wait to be beaten on tomorrow!  H just watches me work out.  She is so good!  She was quiet during a conference call, just hangin out with her paci and then she also let me work out for 30 min before getting her bottle for her.  What a girl!!

Obviously no big weight loss or inches lost to report tonight.  But I am patting myself on the back for a hardy workout, a low fat meal day and not ending my night with a cocktail that T and I enjoy so much after putting nugget to bed.  Saving myself for my weekend reward!!  I CAN do this!

What is your goal?  Any tips?  Thanks to all of you who sent me some fantastic and YUMMY ideas for low fat meals and snacks.  I am going to the grocery and farmer's market tomorrow to stock up on low fat supplies.  I am totally going to make those yummy ideas!  I will post them after I make them and give credit where credit is due!

Thanks to all of you who have commented either here or on FB.  If you want to follow me on FB, the button is to the side.  You can comment on here if you'd like!  I don't know what I did but somehow the comments work now.

Pre-Day 1

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It is time.  It has been almost three months since giving birth to my beautiful baby girl.  And, some may think that fat rolls, stretch marks and flab is a success measure of being a new Mom.  And that is totally fine if it works for them.  But, it does NOT work for me.  I was very fit before I became pregnant and that was after being incredibly huge for two years...I mean HUGE!  With a lot of discipline, diet change and exercise, I was able to make it from a size 18 to a size 8 in about a year.  I am now probably in a size 10 (I am STILL wearing freakin' maternity pants which hang low down low) but still wearing pants that don't fit.  Forget size 8s.  My fat arse will barely squeeze in even with a slab of Crisco.

So here I am.  Another blog to keep up with - more accountability to manage.  I am ready.  Tomorrow is the day.  Tonight I had a container of fattening nachos from a local mexican drive-thru (maybe that will clear the pipes) and several rum and diet cokes.  My big grand finale before the big kick-off.

Tomorrow it starts.  Here is the plan:

> Diet - more nutritious.  Logged daily on  Water or tea for beverages.  Adult beverages allowed as a treat on Sat and/or Sun (depending on the level of reward)
> Exercise - to the gym when T's schedule will allow.  Otherwise, Wii Fit (Jillian version) and 30 day Shred when it arrives from Amazon (should be this week)
> Accountability - this is where this blog and YOU come in! 

Tomorrow is the big day.  Day 1.  I will be posting a beginning pic - no holds bar.  Rolls a flappin'.  I don't care about embarrassment.  I don't care about modesty.  I care about results.  And that is what I want to see. 

My goal: 135 lbs (if I lose more, so be it!)
Current weight: 155 lbs
Current inches:
> Bust = 38"
> Waist = 38"
> Hips = 41"

No Barbie here, my friends.  And I am not looking to be one.  But I am looking to fit into 8s...with some space!  I want to have my flat abs back and my tone arms and legs.  It's time.  However I need to do it.  It is time.

Day 1, here I come BIATCHES!!!