Here we go...

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One small step towards thin, one GIANT leap towards summer...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another wonderful morning spent with my new BFF (that I hate dearly), Jillian.  She never has anything new to say and, actually, gets on my nerves with her repetitive talk.  There should be a way to turn off the narration and just leave the music.  Or make her work out with us - ok, sure, she has a tight bum but nothing makes me angrier than a trainer walking around the work out room telling me what to do and how to do it...who's counting, for god sake?

So, that makes it two days in a row on the exercise.  Am I jumping up and down for joy?  Well, no...first of all my legs are so sore I am lucky to make it up the stairs without stopping to rest.  But I am also not going to get all bent out of shape about it since it is only day two and I bailed out before...I could always bail out again.

The food thing is not going as well.  I haven't been eating much but, what I have eaten, isn't necessarily the lowest in calories.  This week is going to be kinda hard because we have something to do everyday which has us eating at restaurants a lot more.  It is really SUPER hard to eat well at restaurants.  Even meals that are deemed "healthy" by the restaurant are still more calories than I am allocated for a day..or a week!  So I am focusing more on portion control as much as possible.

Sidenote:  I might need to check in with a doctor feet are really starting to hurt on top.  It usually happens at night and first thing in the morning - I get up and feel like my feet are "locked."  They hurt...almost like arthritis.  Sucks getting old.

I bought my first fat suit today...skirt and all!  It is a two piece (hahahaha!  no, not a bikini.  i wouldn't do that to anyone) tankini type thing.  The top has a gather in the center so it a) keeps the top off of my more "drapes" over my gut and b) distracts (I hope) from the gut.  And then there is the skirt bottoms.  Haha!  I used to make fun of those old, cellulite-ridden, saggy boobed women that would wear the skirts (along with their bingo sunvisor) to the pool to do their "laps."  Well, make room ladies.  I am now a part of the club.  My name is Dawna and I am fat.  "Hello Dawna."

Tomorrow will be another work out followed by a Smart One lunch meal.  Tomorrow night we are heading to a mexican restaurant with the fam.  Fat grams galore once again.  Oh well.  Have I told you about my skirt??  "Hello Dawna."

Check in on Friday...

Day 1...again

Monday, April 26, 2010

I am back at it.  Will I fail (again), I don't know.  But I am back...for now at least.  I am not going to totally focus on diet (although I am certainly watching what I eat) but I am going to focus on working out.  And, yes, Jillian and I had a visit together today and it was just as torturous as it was before!  But I am so proud of myself (and not of Jillian, she didn't even do half of the workout!  Had her girls working harder!). 

Breakfast: Nothing...I know, bad...but I had to take care of baby.
Lunch: Chili taco salad from Quiznos - fattening for sure
Dinner: Smart One pizzas (we were going to make burgers - which would have been "bad" but we watched Avatar instead)

Workout: 30 Day Shred

Tomorrow, bathing suit shopping at Target.  Wish me luck...ok, not enough luck in the world to make me blind!!


Remember me?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh hell yeah...I have been a total flake (I hope you didn't buy that evil twin scandal)!  And, other than the occassional Smart One boxed meals (because of convenience only), I have been one bad mo fo...and bad as in bad, not bad as in good!  I have totally flaked and, any small 1/4 of an ounce I may have lost the one pathetic week I tried my "plan" is on my ass times ten.

But leave it to my dear friend that has resurfaced from harsh high school days to bring me back in line!  She has set up a challenge...a way for us to be accountable to each other.  And she is a tough one!  She will make sure I feel like a piece of dog poo if she works out but I don't.  Ok, she really isn't like that but I am hoping she will be for my motivation sake!

So Monday starts the so called fun.  Back to eating healthy and low fat along with some sort of ball busting work out routine that will get these rolls flattened.  Who's with us for a Friday check-in??

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maybe I need to do what Kirstie Alley has done...make money off of my fat!  She tried every plan (I'm guessing) and even became spokesperson for Jenny Craig.  But, once she handed off to Valerie Bertinelli, she stopped by the local bakery and dived into a cake with buttercream icing.  Now she is just giving up and showing the world that she is just fat and that's it in her new show - The Big Life. Maybe she has the right idea.


I have really sucked donkey turds on this "getting back into shape" idea.  Actually, I have done great with the idea I just haven't done great with the execution.  I know I can do it - I have done it before.  But I am not doing it right now and I am completely out of excuses.  Completely.  Now it is just a matter of "being busy" or being lazy about it.  Whatever the case, I am sure I will make the effort when I am good and ready.  Well, I am good and ready.  But, then again, I sit here with a lumpy belly and a jiggly rear. 

Ok, so hang in there with me.  I will share the good, bad and the ugly (which is where I am now).  You may be here with me now in the gutter but we will be on top of the world in...well, whenever we get there, let's schedule a happy hour together!  Virtually, if we have to.