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Remember me?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh hell yeah...I have been a total flake (I hope you didn't buy that evil twin scandal)!  And, other than the occassional Smart One boxed meals (because of convenience only), I have been one bad mo fo...and bad as in bad, not bad as in good!  I have totally flaked and, any small 1/4 of an ounce I may have lost the one pathetic week I tried my "plan" is on my ass times ten.

But leave it to my dear friend that has resurfaced from harsh high school days to bring me back in line!  She has set up a challenge...a way for us to be accountable to each other.  And she is a tough one!  She will make sure I feel like a piece of dog poo if she works out but I don't.  Ok, she really isn't like that but I am hoping she will be for my motivation sake!

So Monday starts the so called fun.  Back to eating healthy and low fat along with some sort of ball busting work out routine that will get these rolls flattened.  Who's with us for a Friday check-in??