Here we go...

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Day 1...again

Monday, April 26, 2010

I am back at it.  Will I fail (again), I don't know.  But I am back...for now at least.  I am not going to totally focus on diet (although I am certainly watching what I eat) but I am going to focus on working out.  And, yes, Jillian and I had a visit together today and it was just as torturous as it was before!  But I am so proud of myself (and not of Jillian, she didn't even do half of the workout!  Had her girls working harder!). 

Breakfast: Nothing...I know, bad...but I had to take care of baby.
Lunch: Chili taco salad from Quiznos - fattening for sure
Dinner: Smart One pizzas (we were going to make burgers - which would have been "bad" but we watched Avatar instead)

Workout: 30 Day Shred

Tomorrow, bathing suit shopping at Target.  Wish me luck...ok, not enough luck in the world to make me blind!!