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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maybe I need to do what Kirstie Alley has done...make money off of my fat!  She tried every plan (I'm guessing) and even became spokesperson for Jenny Craig.  But, once she handed off to Valerie Bertinelli, she stopped by the local bakery and dived into a cake with buttercream icing.  Now she is just giving up and showing the world that she is just fat and that's it in her new show - The Big Life. Maybe she has the right idea.


I have really sucked donkey turds on this "getting back into shape" idea.  Actually, I have done great with the idea I just haven't done great with the execution.  I know I can do it - I have done it before.  But I am not doing it right now and I am completely out of excuses.  Completely.  Now it is just a matter of "being busy" or being lazy about it.  Whatever the case, I am sure I will make the effort when I am good and ready.  Well, I am good and ready.  But, then again, I sit here with a lumpy belly and a jiggly rear. 

Ok, so hang in there with me.  I will share the good, bad and the ugly (which is where I am now).  You may be here with me now in the gutter but we will be on top of the world in...well, whenever we get there, let's schedule a happy hour together!  Virtually, if we have to.


Donda said...

This whole post had me laughing...donkey turds HA! BTW...I think you are a far cry from Kirstie!

Rebecca said...

Um, I think I LOVE you!!! lol I'm following you back now! :) Thanks for the follow. I'm in the PHX area, but I have a lot of family in Tucson and south of there in Sierra Vista & Benson areas.

Totally would love the motivation! I've been a little off the workout wagon the last month-ish. I only made it to the gym once this week and twice last week. Life happens some weeks. BUT there was two weeks in a row that I made it 6 out of 7 days! And when I realized it had been 6 days I said screw it, I need the day off! Even though I'd planned to work out. I just hadn't realized how stellar the wk had been, lol. It was fun to realize I was at that point.

Good luck on your journey and totally stop by to leave me encouragement & I can do the same! :)