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A big fat post!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I love the McDonald's commercials (one is on now) is full of skinny people eating Big Macs.  Umm.  Yeah.  That's bogus advertising...right?

Got Butt? Pictures, Images and Photos

How are things on my end? is my END doing?  Well, as is life, things have come up that has cut my work out week from four days to three but I do walk EVERY morning for 45 minutes to an hour with H in her stroller.  My workouts have been amazing even though my nerves are still trying to settle with H in Kids Club (where she does GREAT). 

I couldn't/didn't go today because I got my hair (and brows) done.  OMG it is amazing how wonderful and human you feel after a good color, cut and brow wax.  I feel I have gone from Neanderthal to 2010 woman in all of 2.5 hours. 

My lunch wasn't too bad.  Soup and sandwich.  No...not low fat on either but low quantity.

My recent shorts and jeans purchase is leaving a little gap on the waist band!  Love it!  They were a "perfect" fit (the kind where the band starts to leave a mark after a good lunch) and now they are loose!  But wearable!  Stoked for the loose though!

T says that it looks like I am losing inches and that my butt looks tight.  Sure he has an alterior motive but I will take it! 

Tomorrow, another fine morning walk with my nugget and then heading to the gym!  Looking forward to sweat and tears!  I plan on doing 20 minutes of cardio, strength training with my arms and a front-butt load of abs!

Baby fat BE GONE!  Excuses BE GONE!  Fat ass BE GONE! 

Sorry I missed Friday are you doing???

Day 2 = YAY!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We did it again, H and I.  We went for our 30 minute walk about 30 minutes earlier than yesterday which made the air even cooler.  It was such a nice walk even with my body trying to fight off some sort of nasty that my sweet hubby has had.

When we came back from our walk, I didn't even bother with her cereal and went right to bottle.  She took good care of that & then we headed to the gym.  The lady that I kinda raised an eyebrow with the day before was the peach that was going to be taking my gem!  Worried?  A bit.  But I am bound and determined to keep this up until it is purely old hat and no biggie.

Off to the elliptical I headed.  This time with a magazine under arm!  Still no iPod.  I still feel the need to keep my ears clear in case of the dreaded announcement (attention LA Fitness members...would D please report to the Kids' Club?  Your baby is acting the fool.).

I did a good, hard, weight loss program on the elliptical for a sweaty 30 minutes and then followed it with 15 minutes of abs.  As I was laying on the mat about to go into my first crunch, I wondered to myself - could I  possibly just take a quick nap right here?  Can we just say I am doing meditation in a yoga sort of way?  I was thinking it would be a perfect time for a cat nap.  H isn't far and is only in ear shot away from me.  The mat was thin but soft enough to suffice.  But on to the first crunch I went.  Must.Keep.Going.

After my great abs session (which was pretty painful considering I was so sore from the previous day), I headed to the ladies room for my other favorite gym moment...peeing in peace. 

I did weigh myself while I was in the locker room.  I have decided to keep my exact numbers out of the public eye but I will say that I am about the same if not a few pounds lighter than the last time I weighed myself.  But I know it is about clothes and how they fit.  Since nothing really does right least not correctly...I am figuring I still have a ways to go to reach my goal. 

But DAY 2 is a step in the right direction!!

I am heading on to dream land for now to try and kick this nasty that has picked up residence in my nose & throat.  I need to be in full D MONEY mode tomorrow in order to start & do this routine all over again!

One more day until check in! will you have done by then?

I'm back...and I'm READY!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a morning!  H and  I really worked as a team & had a true kick-butt, wonderlicious morning!

It started with a 30 minute walk "stroller-style" around the neighborhood.  We had been going around 9 am which was already feeling like a sweltering volcano.  But today we went at 7 am and it was beyond perfect!

After a bottle & a poor attempt at feeding her cereal, I strapped her in her car seat & off we went to the gym.  I won't tell a lie (this time)...I was pretty nervous about how this whole kids' club & little Ms H was going to work out.

When we arrived, I ponied up the $5 daily charge to try it out before I splurged on the $20/month fee.  I walked her into "the club" and immediately started my nervous chattering.  I have no idea why I do this but, let me tell you, it earns you some pretty strange looks. 

There was another baby in there about H's age or so & then a bunch of older (but young) kids.  My nerves were peaked while I thought about all the germs, potential for tramplings, etc.  As a matter of fact, the germ thought entered mine when I startled awake at 4 am.  I texted my mom with my fear (knowing she was up) & she had very logical advice.  H can't live in a bubble!!  And, with Tay, germs were bound to happen.  It will help build her immune system.

After considerable amounts of nerve-provoked blabbering, I went about my workout.  First on the list, the elliptical for 30 min.  Time usually creeps along when on that beast - especially with no iPod or gossip mag!  But it is even LONGER when you are wondering how the nugget is faring.  Add that crazy head game with constant staff announcements over the intercom (which is how they would page you if something was wrong) and my heart rate was elevated beyond the normal out-of-shape heart rate the elliptical creates!

I had decided while elliptcal'ing that I would limit this first workout to 45 minutes & then work up to an hour as H & I both get used to the new routine.  I did 15 min of abs after my cardio, took a nice relaxing pee and then headed to the club.

As I was walking in, I heard a baby crying.  Only for a split second was I worried until I quickly realized that wasn't H's cry.  Just then, one of the staff members walked around the corner with Ms H in her arms.  H was smiling at all the kids & just didn't seem the least bit phased!  I asked how she did & the lady said she did great!  Didn't cry once.  Yay H!!!

We got in the car & I debated whether or not to feed her since we were so close to nap time.  But I thought better of it & decided to head on home.  Sure enough, H was passed out (after chatterboxing to me for a bit) in her seat well before we hit the freeway.

This morning couldn't have been a better start to our routine!  I am hoping it isn't just a fluke & that tomorrow will go the same way.  Here's the schedule as of now:

Mon - Thur: gym/club days
Fri - Mom's group (planning on joining) unless something else is planned
Sat/Sun - off

Morning routine:
6-6:30 am - H wakes up
6:30 - 7 am - Put her in daytime clothes, feed cats/pup
7 - 7:30 am - 30 min walk around neighborhood
7:30 - 8 am - H's breakfast
8 - 8:30 am - drive to gym
8:30 - 9:15 am - workout
9:15 - 9:45 am - drive home
10 am - nap time

I am so excited!!  It felt great being back at the gym.  My walk around the neighborhood is a light workout (hills & such) but NOTHING compared to what I do at the gym.  So ready to get my body back!!

Front butt, begone!!

It's ON

Monday, June 7, 2010

A'ight b!!tches!!  It is ON!  I am ready to take this front butt back to the dealer.  I am ready to bring sexy back!  Who's with me?? 

H and I checked out the Kid's Club at the gym today and I am now feeling better about leaving her in there while I go kick my front butt to the curb!!  Ok, taking off my hard ass hat...I am a little nervous about leaving H with some girls I don't know.  But I will be RIGHT THERE!  Momma needs some momma time!  Momma needs to get rid of this loose case and get a 12 pack!  I am looking forward to sweating, cussing and making myself hurt so bad I limp out of there. 

Wish me luck!  I will report back on my progress!!