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Day 2 = YAY!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We did it again, H and I.  We went for our 30 minute walk about 30 minutes earlier than yesterday which made the air even cooler.  It was such a nice walk even with my body trying to fight off some sort of nasty that my sweet hubby has had.

When we came back from our walk, I didn't even bother with her cereal and went right to bottle.  She took good care of that & then we headed to the gym.  The lady that I kinda raised an eyebrow with the day before was the peach that was going to be taking my gem!  Worried?  A bit.  But I am bound and determined to keep this up until it is purely old hat and no biggie.

Off to the elliptical I headed.  This time with a magazine under arm!  Still no iPod.  I still feel the need to keep my ears clear in case of the dreaded announcement (attention LA Fitness members...would D please report to the Kids' Club?  Your baby is acting the fool.).

I did a good, hard, weight loss program on the elliptical for a sweaty 30 minutes and then followed it with 15 minutes of abs.  As I was laying on the mat about to go into my first crunch, I wondered to myself - could I  possibly just take a quick nap right here?  Can we just say I am doing meditation in a yoga sort of way?  I was thinking it would be a perfect time for a cat nap.  H isn't far and is only in ear shot away from me.  The mat was thin but soft enough to suffice.  But on to the first crunch I went.  Must.Keep.Going.

After my great abs session (which was pretty painful considering I was so sore from the previous day), I headed to the ladies room for my other favorite gym moment...peeing in peace. 

I did weigh myself while I was in the locker room.  I have decided to keep my exact numbers out of the public eye but I will say that I am about the same if not a few pounds lighter than the last time I weighed myself.  But I know it is about clothes and how they fit.  Since nothing really does right least not correctly...I am figuring I still have a ways to go to reach my goal. 

But DAY 2 is a step in the right direction!!

I am heading on to dream land for now to try and kick this nasty that has picked up residence in my nose & throat.  I need to be in full D MONEY mode tomorrow in order to start & do this routine all over again!

One more day until check in! will you have done by then?


Donda said...

Oh, how I wish I could get some motivation to do the same thing. I have it in my (crazy) brain that it is just fruitless! Keep up with the details and maybe it will inspire me to hit the treadmill :)