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I'm back...and I'm READY!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a morning!  H and  I really worked as a team & had a true kick-butt, wonderlicious morning!

It started with a 30 minute walk "stroller-style" around the neighborhood.  We had been going around 9 am which was already feeling like a sweltering volcano.  But today we went at 7 am and it was beyond perfect!

After a bottle & a poor attempt at feeding her cereal, I strapped her in her car seat & off we went to the gym.  I won't tell a lie (this time)...I was pretty nervous about how this whole kids' club & little Ms H was going to work out.

When we arrived, I ponied up the $5 daily charge to try it out before I splurged on the $20/month fee.  I walked her into "the club" and immediately started my nervous chattering.  I have no idea why I do this but, let me tell you, it earns you some pretty strange looks. 

There was another baby in there about H's age or so & then a bunch of older (but young) kids.  My nerves were peaked while I thought about all the germs, potential for tramplings, etc.  As a matter of fact, the germ thought entered mine when I startled awake at 4 am.  I texted my mom with my fear (knowing she was up) & she had very logical advice.  H can't live in a bubble!!  And, with Tay, germs were bound to happen.  It will help build her immune system.

After considerable amounts of nerve-provoked blabbering, I went about my workout.  First on the list, the elliptical for 30 min.  Time usually creeps along when on that beast - especially with no iPod or gossip mag!  But it is even LONGER when you are wondering how the nugget is faring.  Add that crazy head game with constant staff announcements over the intercom (which is how they would page you if something was wrong) and my heart rate was elevated beyond the normal out-of-shape heart rate the elliptical creates!

I had decided while elliptcal'ing that I would limit this first workout to 45 minutes & then work up to an hour as H & I both get used to the new routine.  I did 15 min of abs after my cardio, took a nice relaxing pee and then headed to the club.

As I was walking in, I heard a baby crying.  Only for a split second was I worried until I quickly realized that wasn't H's cry.  Just then, one of the staff members walked around the corner with Ms H in her arms.  H was smiling at all the kids & just didn't seem the least bit phased!  I asked how she did & the lady said she did great!  Didn't cry once.  Yay H!!!

We got in the car & I debated whether or not to feed her since we were so close to nap time.  But I thought better of it & decided to head on home.  Sure enough, H was passed out (after chatterboxing to me for a bit) in her seat well before we hit the freeway.

This morning couldn't have been a better start to our routine!  I am hoping it isn't just a fluke & that tomorrow will go the same way.  Here's the schedule as of now:

Mon - Thur: gym/club days
Fri - Mom's group (planning on joining) unless something else is planned
Sat/Sun - off

Morning routine:
6-6:30 am - H wakes up
6:30 - 7 am - Put her in daytime clothes, feed cats/pup
7 - 7:30 am - 30 min walk around neighborhood
7:30 - 8 am - H's breakfast
8 - 8:30 am - drive to gym
8:30 - 9:15 am - workout
9:15 - 9:45 am - drive home
10 am - nap time

I am so excited!!  It felt great being back at the gym.  My walk around the neighborhood is a light workout (hills & such) but NOTHING compared to what I do at the gym.  So ready to get my body back!!

Front butt, begone!!


Rebecca said...

Nice job! Keep at it! All your hard work will pay off. :)

ASTRA REED said...

Great stuff really.. keep it up.. and remember one thing hard work always pays..