Here we go...

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Annnndddd, here we go again...

Day 1!! 

I left LA Fitness and joined the local Y closest to our house - which happens to be the newest one.  And it is amazing!  The cardio area is just chalked FULL of equipment and the weight room isn't intimidating at all!  I am the youngest one there for the most part and feel VERY comfortable working out!  The two pools are awesome too!  GREAT for the kids!  An awesome water slide, water fountains and "family night" on Fridays just lends itself incredibly well to our growing family.

I am DETERMINED to get to a good place weight and fitness-wise.  I am very motivated with all of the pools in my life right now.  So this is Day 1 and I am looking forward to saying Day 100!

What I ingested today...
* SlimFast shake for breakfast
* Salad with left over lean turkey taco meat, salsa for the dressing (0 fat)
* SmartOne meal for dinner
*  A couple of waters (not enough) and a Circle K tea during my afternoon meetings

My butt kickin'...
* 20 min of cardio on the elliptical
* 20 min of weights (biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and one back exercise machine)
* 15 min of abs (crunches on the ball and on the floor, obliques standing and on ball)

I'm ready to do check-ins again!  Who's with me??  Let's do it together over a cocktail (I am cutting out my nightly adult bev with my hubby and only having those treats on the weekend)!!

How are YOU doing?