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Sore tomorrow? What about today?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I must say, I am the world's worst critic when it comes to work out classes.  After having Lorraine teach and train me for two or three years at a high level of pain, not many instructors or trainers can come close to satisfying my intensity.

But today was pretty good!

I took the kickboxing class at the Y and had to experience the "rookie" feeling again.  What do we need for class?  Which way do we face in the room?  Etc.  But I made a friend while dropping off H in the kid area.  This girl has a baby 4 months old and I think a son close to Tay's age.  So we started talking before class started.  She told me I would feel it...that I would be sore tomorrow.  She said it was a great class and that the instructor was high energy and a bit crazy.

She was right.

We were told to get hand weights.  I got 3 lb'ers not real sure what we would use them for...punching maybe?  Ms Instructor advised us after most of us got our weights that we should really go with the 1-2 lbs.  Trust me, she said.  Well, I already had my 3's and, when I went back to look, the 1's and 2's were gone.

I wish she would have said something before that.

We did ARM CIRCLES and LOTS OF THEM with those hand weights.  Yowza!  We did kicks and lunges across the room (which was a flashback of what Lorraine used to torture us with) and we did pushups for a minute.  Doesn't sound like a long time, right?  I challenge you to try it - no stopping.

After 50 minutes - that seemed like 4 hours - we were done!  My face was red and my muscles were trimbling.  Now THAT'S what I am talking about!  That is a workout!  I know that people say that parking further from the Walmart entrance is great exercise...BS!  Working up a hard sweat, working your muscles to the point of exhaustion and having such a red face some would think you took a trip to the sun...THAT'S a workout!

Today's Grub:
Breakfast: SlimFast shake
Lunch: Used the last of the leftover turkey taco meat to make a taco salad with salsa (instead of dressing)
Dinner: Pei Wei Spicy Chicken Salad (don't be fooled.  This "salad" isn't necessarily a GOOD salad.  It has breaded chicken on it)

Evening two of not sharing a cocktail with the hubster.  This weekend, though.  This weekend.

Today's Pain:
50 min of high intensity kickboxing which incorporated arm, shoulder and back toning

Tomorrow I will be back in the cardio and weight room.  I may focus on my legs and abs tomorrow after cardio and give my arms a break!

What are your plans?


Donda said...

You are hardcore bada$$!!!