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Monday, March 22, 2010

My first picture posting - yikes.  I was planning on really revealing the rolls by wearing just my sports bra and my yoga pants but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  For you, for the camera, for whoever may stumble upon this blog and especially for myself.  It is bad enough to see me in the workout tank and yoga pants.  Bleh!!!!  BLEH!!!!  But I have to realize that at least I am doing something about it.  And, what I'm NOT doing is buying jeans the next size up.  I refuse...ok, I might crack and get two pairs so that I have something to wear until I reach my goal but...THAT'S IT!!  =P


No, folks.  I am not pregnant again.  I may look to be about five or six months here but, trust me, it is all flab and fat.  Oh it is so disgusting.  At this rate, I certainly won't be putting on a bathing suit come summer.  I will add that to my goals.  Be able to wear a bathing suit by summer.  Even if it IS Granny suit with a pretty floral skirt!

My meals today (admitting to everything):
Breakfast:  SlimFast Chocolate shake/Water
Lunch: Spinach salad with 1 TBSP feta, a pinch of slivered almonds, tomatoes and green onions topped with FF Catalina Dressing (2 TBSP approx)
Snacks: 2 Low Fat String Cheese, 16 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, 1/2 cup hot picante salsa/Water
Dinner: Baked Southwestern Chicken (1/2 a breast), 1 cup brown rice with rotelle chopped tomatoes and green chilis, steamed broccoli (with a spritz of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter), ice tea

My exercise today:
Jillian's Wii Fit workout with so many ab exercises I thought I was going to puke!!  60 crunches, 60 obliques (60 on each side), 99 YES 99 bicycle legs, 5 minute run, 60 jumping jacks, 40 side lunges, and I know I am missing something...oh, 20 pushups. 

Add in the housework I did (laundry up and down the steps), and maybe I burned me up some CALS!!

I'm pretty excited because I received my Jillian 30 day Shred in the mail today.  I heard this DVD is ruthless!  Perfect!  I can't wait to be beaten on tomorrow!  H just watches me work out.  She is so good!  She was quiet during a conference call, just hangin out with her paci and then she also let me work out for 30 min before getting her bottle for her.  What a girl!!

Obviously no big weight loss or inches lost to report tonight.  But I am patting myself on the back for a hardy workout, a low fat meal day and not ending my night with a cocktail that T and I enjoy so much after putting nugget to bed.  Saving myself for my weekend reward!!  I CAN do this!

What is your goal?  Any tips?  Thanks to all of you who sent me some fantastic and YUMMY ideas for low fat meals and snacks.  I am going to the grocery and farmer's market tomorrow to stock up on low fat supplies.  I am totally going to make those yummy ideas!  I will post them after I make them and give credit where credit is due!

Thanks to all of you who have commented either here or on FB.  If you want to follow me on FB, the button is to the side.  You can comment on here if you'd like!  I don't know what I did but somehow the comments work now.


Maharry Balls said...

Did you at least take some skin pictures for yourself?!