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Day 2 = FAIL

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I did everything right all day today...until tonight.  I totally blame T for my failure (even though I know it is all my fault - reminds me of a Jimmy Buffet song). 

My day rocked!  I worked out, ate right and even went to the store to stock up on healthy, low fat options.  But T really wanted to have a couple of adult cocktails together (as we like to do after putting H to bed...or one before we do while I am fixing dinner).  I couldn't hold back.  It was such an awesome just seemed fitting to have a couple of cocktails together!  That is OUR time together.  It was hard to resist...and I failed to resist.

But let me focus on the good!

Meals for today:
Breakfast - Special K Vanilla Almond with 2% milk
Snack - 1 Light Sting Cheese, 10 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, 1/2 cup salsa
Lunch - Smart Ones
Dinner - Cabbage wrap with lean ground turkey
Water - none, but I had a ton of ice tea (bad I know)
Drinks - it is a party foul to count, folks!

30 Day Shred Level 1 - OMG!!!!!!  I am hurting already...but ready for tomorrow!  That Jillian...OMG!!!  For those who are thinking about trying it out - maybe start with 3 lb weights instead of 5 like I did.  But I am not backing down from 5 now...especially after tonight.  I might do the video AND the Wii Fit tomorrow to make up for tonight!

Peer pressure sucks...especially when it is your handsome, loving, best friend of a husband.  Damn him!  But we are having an awesome night is too short.  We should enjoy every moment of every day. And we are!  With many more fun moments to come.  Isn't that what it's all about???  Well, and me fitting back into my 8's!  DAMMIT!


Donda said...

Are the cocktails something different than what you did pre-pregnancy when you were buff and trim? If not, I wouldn't think they would affect the outcome of your weight loss endeavor? Maybe?

Dawna said...

Good point! We did it then too! Even more so!! But I didn't have a ton of baby fat around my middle. But I am not going to dwell! I am going to kick my ass tomorrow!