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Pre-Day 1

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It is time.  It has been almost three months since giving birth to my beautiful baby girl.  And, some may think that fat rolls, stretch marks and flab is a success measure of being a new Mom.  And that is totally fine if it works for them.  But, it does NOT work for me.  I was very fit before I became pregnant and that was after being incredibly huge for two years...I mean HUGE!  With a lot of discipline, diet change and exercise, I was able to make it from a size 18 to a size 8 in about a year.  I am now probably in a size 10 (I am STILL wearing freakin' maternity pants which hang low down low) but still wearing pants that don't fit.  Forget size 8s.  My fat arse will barely squeeze in even with a slab of Crisco.

So here I am.  Another blog to keep up with - more accountability to manage.  I am ready.  Tomorrow is the day.  Tonight I had a container of fattening nachos from a local mexican drive-thru (maybe that will clear the pipes) and several rum and diet cokes.  My big grand finale before the big kick-off.

Tomorrow it starts.  Here is the plan:

> Diet - more nutritious.  Logged daily on  Water or tea for beverages.  Adult beverages allowed as a treat on Sat and/or Sun (depending on the level of reward)
> Exercise - to the gym when T's schedule will allow.  Otherwise, Wii Fit (Jillian version) and 30 day Shred when it arrives from Amazon (should be this week)
> Accountability - this is where this blog and YOU come in! 

Tomorrow is the big day.  Day 1.  I will be posting a beginning pic - no holds bar.  Rolls a flappin'.  I don't care about embarrassment.  I don't care about modesty.  I care about results.  And that is what I want to see. 

My goal: 135 lbs (if I lose more, so be it!)
Current weight: 155 lbs
Current inches:
> Bust = 38"
> Waist = 38"
> Hips = 41"

No Barbie here, my friends.  And I am not looking to be one.  But I am looking to fit into 8s...with some space!  I want to have my flat abs back and my tone arms and legs.  It's time.  However I need to do it.  It is time.

Day 1, here I come BIATCHES!!!


Maharry Balls said...

Hey! It worked!! :)

Maharry Balls said...

This is crazy because my weight loss goal is 20 pounds as well :) I don't think I'm brave enough to post a picture though... I'll show my zits, I'll talk about embarrassing situations, etc... but a picture of me in a bathing suit...yikes! I LOVE you for doing this!! And I guarantee you don't look NEARLY as bad as you think you do! I know it's your eyes that matter though and I'm proud of you for being so gung-ho with this!